Communicating in English about sustainable development

We are looking to develop a partnership/ group collaboration on a project where we research, discuss issues within this field and explore solutions together.
The aim is to encourage communication, in English, over borders and to bring the outside world to each others' classrooms. This project also aims to raise awareness about the environment and what we as individuals can do to make a difference.

We are open to any partner that is willing to use English as the communication language and has an interest in sustainable development.
We would like frequent communication, preferably once a week (for example through Flip Grid video messages to each other or Skype Classroom)

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08.08.2019 » 25.06.2020
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Sendt af Hilal Yıldız

Hello, I am an English Instructor at a prep school in Turkey. In prep school, we teach General English and Academic English. Our students have reading, listening and writing lessons. However, they lack practice in speaking English. Unfortunately, our school doesn't have much experience in these sorts of projects. Therefore, I would like to offer my help individually. I am planning to start a speaking club at our school and our students would appreciate having the chance of communication over borders and interact with foreign students to improve their cultural intelligence and English fluency. If you are interested, let me know. my e-mail is:

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Sendt af ayşin durgun

hello I'm a teacher at a public school in Adana. Adana is a city in the southern part of Turkey. my school name is Fine Arts High School. my school offers music and painting education. There are 240 students and 45 teachers at my school. The age range of my students is 14-18. my students are selected with a special aptitude test. I am the project coordinator at my school. we would like to know more about the project. I expect information from you. if you would like more information about us, please feel free to contact us. we have Erasmus + experience All the best my mail address: (promotion of the city)

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Hello, we are the College Combe De Savoie, in Albertville (Savoie, Alps, South East of France), 150 km from Lyon, close to the Savoie ski resorts. We have started to implement a CLIL project in our school 4 years ago. Several subjects are partly taught in English, like History, Geography, Maths, Physics, ... In the CLIL groups, teaching is mainly based on projects that involve several subjects. So we are looking for a partner for a KA2 project next year about environnement. Please contact me at:

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