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San Vicente Ferrer School needs a partner. We are a school from Spain, located in Sagunto, Valencia.

Our pupils are aged 4 to 16 years old so in our Project only participate pupils aged 12 to 16 years. The Project is about ecology. Nowadays It is totally developed.

We are looking for partners for a finished project. We have arranged dates and mobilities and teaching meetings. Two student’s mobilities per year and previously, three teacher’s meetings to know the schools and their staff.

In our mobilities will be between 15 and 20 students from 12 to 16 years of age. We need very reliable and hardworking partner. Please if your organization want to join us send an email as soon as possible.

student's mobilities to develop a ecological project.
Staff mobilities to prepare, desing and evaluate the project's activities.

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FESD SAN VICENTE FERRER (eTwinning-verificeret)

Sagunto, SPANIEN



Sendt af İrfan Yıldız

hello; But, no e mail for info?Thank you...

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Hi from Turkey. I am a Physics teacher with a PhD degree. My co-workers study English, Turkish, History and Sociology. My school is a private high school in Ankara which is the capital city of Turkey. Our students are 14 to 16 years old. We are interested in your Project. E-mail: adimanadolucolej06@gmail.com

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Hi , i am a biology teacher at 4th Junior High School in Athens ilioupolis Athens Greece. We have made a team with other colleagues and we have already devised many etwinning projects and , in addition, KA1 project. We would like to be a part of a KA2 project, so if you want you can contact with me: efstat.efi@gmail.com

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Hi collegues. We could be interested in your project. Our school is a secondary school (about 314 students) aged 11-14 in the south-east of Sicily-Italy. We are a team of dynamic teachers who would like to work- as partner not as Coordinator- in an Erasmus partnership. We have a little experience but we are very hard-working and eager to share our experiences and good practices with other European school. We would like to participate as partners of an active Erasmus team in order to get the most of this wonderful experience. If you'd like to contact us, please contact to: danielacarrabba65@gmail.com. Regards :) daniela

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if you want an experienced partner. I'm in. Cappadocia turkey orhanarslan50@hotmail.com https://www.facebook.com/OrhanArslan13

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Hello, We are a team of teachers of a comprehensive school located in Messina, Sicily. Our students are between 3-14 years old, most of them strongly motivated to join projects and some with extraordinary ICT skills. Joining an Erasmus + project would be a good opportunity for students to improve their language competences and to learn about different countries and for teachers to acquire and compare different teaching methods. If you're interested in our contribution, please contact me at francytab1976@gmail.com. Best regards. Francesca Mortelliti

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Hello, my name is Stella and I am an English teacher in a primary school in Rethimno, Crete. There are 260 students in the school aged 6-12 and a significant number of the school population is foreign students , mainly economic immigrants . Working on the issues of inclusion, ICT skills and key competencies sounds very close to our needs therefore you could consider us a potential partner. You can mail me any time at my address : haralambaki@hotmail.com Thanks !

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Hello! we are a High School of general education from Alexandroupolis, a town in the north of Greece. Our school has approximately 350 students between 15-18 years old. We are looking for partners to initiate a partnership concerning the development of environmental consience among the students. If you are interested please contact us on the following mail: tdoudoulakaki@hotmail.com

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Sendt af fulya ayas

Hi I am an English teacher in Tekirdağ, Turkey. My pupils are the same age as yours. We can cooparete in this project. fulyaayas@gmail.com

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Hello, I am English teacher from a southern Italian middle school (pupils age range:11/13). Currently we are involved as coordinator in a two-years Ka229 Erasmus project, but we are starting thinking about the next call. We are ready to work hard as in the last two years when we wrote the project which is still on, so if you need a serious and motivated partner...here we are! In addition, the topic you talk about is what we want to focus on in the next project. Waiting for a reply from you. Thanks Rosemary

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Sendt af Jorge Cidade

Hello, my name is Jorge and I am a Geography teacher in a school in Braga (3rd Portuguese city) with students from the 1st grade until 9th grade. We have about 900 pupils. The school had never participated in the Erasmus programme, but I have the experience in other schools. We are an eco school who have won some prizes concerning to the ecological problems. It will be a pleasure for us to cooperate with you. My email is jorgecidade@aeceleiros.pt and our website is https://www.aeceleiros.pt/ At your disposal.

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I'm a science teacher. Turkey's most beautiful tourist town of Mugla public school in the center. We have 880 students and 56 teachers and Middle School . It is the most qualified and projects school of Muğla. Our students are between 11-15 years old. We participated in KA101 ERASMUS project this year and got 94.5 points and received a grant on STEM. We are a school with studies on ecological problems. Our school has a rich location both near the sea and ecologically, but it causes thermal power plants (http://www.yatagantermik.com.tr/) and ecological problems. It will be very good for us to cooperate with you.We would like to partner with your project. my mail huseyindemircan1981@gmail.com Our school web address http://mentesesjbkivanccesur.meb.k12.tr/ Information about our city can be found at http://www.mugla.gov.tr

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Sendt af Patrizia Olivo

Hi, we are reliable and hardworking Teachers. Our school is in the North of Sicily and environmental isuues is relevant for us. We'd like to join your project. Is it still possible? my emal address is patrizia.olivo@tin.it

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Sendt af Fatma Genç

Hello We would like to apply to be a strategic partner in your Erasmus + project. we would like your help with the matter. Our school is located in Samsun Turkey. We are a private school providing Turkish education to the Turkish education system. We operate as both a secondary school and anatolian high school and a science high school. There are 224 students in our secondary school and 281 students in our High School and 85 students in our science high school. I would like to share other details or information you are interested in. Kindest regards. Fatma Genç Private Bilgi College English Language Teacher fatmayilmaz0304@gmail.com

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Sendt af Ali İlengiz

Hello, from the city of Kocaeli where the sea, mountains, lakes and four seasons live. We are a middle school in the center of Izmit in Kocaeli. There are 750 students and 45 teachers in our school. In our historical school building which was built in 1945, there are students between the ages of 10-15. We are very experienced in projects. We have been the coordinator of 2 projects before. We became a partner in 7 projects. We are currently continuing 2 projects as partners. We have established 3 groups of project teams in my school. We love to work and project with these 3 groups of project teams. We are a hardworking, friendly team. Our distance to Istanbul is 60 km. We are also 40km away from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport. We can write projects or become partners. http://izmitortaokulu.meb.k12.tr the school's web page Turkey / Kocaeli Contact: ilengizali@gmail.com

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Hi! I'm a secondary school teacher. My school is located in Taormina/Sicily south of Italy. Our students are aged 11-13. We took part in several Comenius and Erasmus plus in a KA2 projects. We would like to join your project because it seems very interesting and inspiring. If you are interested, please contact me at: mimmacundari@alice.it or meic88600x@istruzione.it

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Sendt af Sarah De Sanctis

Hello, my name is Sarah and I teach English in a first grade secondary school in Rome, Italy. We are looking for a partner for a students exchange project: the students are 12/13 years old and they study both English and Spanish at school. It would be the first time we work on a similar project and our aim is to promote the study of a second European Language, learn culture and traditions and live a great experience of life in a foreign country. Should you be interested, please contact me at my email address: desanctissarah@libero.it Thanks a lot and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Dear colleagues, I’m Giovanna, an English teacher of a Lower Secondary School in the South of Italy (near Salerno, the Amalfi Coast, Positano, and the archeological sites of Paestum and Pompei). We would be very pleased to become partners of your interesting project. We are very active in Erasmus projects: we have already accomplished three KA1 and we are completing three KA229. If you want to share an Erasmus experience with us, you can e-mail me: jodangelo@libero.it Thank you very much and good job!

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Sendt af Julie Weihsbach

Hi, I am International Cooperation coordinator in Michel Rocard High School in New Caledonia, a French Island in the South Pacific Ocean. We are looking for partners willing to work on environmental issues, as we would like to provide our own electricity in our high school using sea plants ( mangrove ) by testing their ability to produce energy through oxydo-reduction process and photosynthesis. We would like to engage in a mobility in 2020, and are very interested in your Erasmus project. You can contact us via this email address : coopinterpouembout@gmail.com. Looking forward to reading you,

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Sendt af Barbara Zięba

Colleagues, my name is Barbara - I am a German teacher at a primary school in Jarosław in southern Poland (near Rzeszów, Kraków, Zakopane). Friend Katarzyna teaches English. We will be pleased to become partners of your interesting project. We have been participating in the exchange of Polish German youth for 10 years. We learned about cultural and geographical traditions, IT interests, overcoming language barriers, developing students' interests (theater, photography, film), learning the customs and history of our countries. We would like to participate in your Erasmus project. Our students are 10-15 years old. If you want to share your experience with us, you can send us an invitation to participate in it: barbara_zieba@o2.pl. Thank you very much and good luck!

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