We, as 4 partners of CHEM4ALL project (Turkey, Slovakia, France and Belgium) are developing a new, technological integrated and innovative approach in teaching of chemistry. The intellectual output will look a theoretical book but we will add QR codes which will show the explanation of chemical fact in our daily life with augmented and virtual reality, also the learning processes will be supported with gamification techniques. Then, we are developing experiments as the activities (LTT) of taught subjects and these experiments will be made by the partipicant students.

The partner from Iceland will be responsible for general development of the project and also the topic of country is "chemistry in fishery and water products"

Please contact for further information.

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01.10.2019 » 30.09.2021
Erbakır Fen Lisesi
Denizli, TURKIET



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Hello, You might be interested in a reliable partner from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. We have experience in Eramsus+ projects and now we are looking for a new experience. The school has been continuously involved in international projects for many years, in curriculum areas such as health, environment, entrepreneurial education and wishes to develop and extend its participation in international cooperation projects. Best regards,

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Erbakır Fen Lisesi
Erbakır Fen Lisesi


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