KA201 School Education - Healthy Eating - Pupils 3-10

URGENT Call for partners for K201 School Education - Exchange of Good Practices.
Aim: To transfer a national project for schools about nutrition and healthy eating (pupils 3-10 years old)
Send us your PIF form to: "partnerships.animam.viventem@gmail.com"

We will transfer our National Project Methodology and partners will implement a pilot with our support. Partners should have very strong dissemination skills and competences.

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Animam Viventem
Non-profit organisation



Sendt af Gittins Gittins

Hi, We are interested in your project. We are a 3-11 Primary school in inner-city Nottingham, England,Uk. Do you still need a partner school? Warm regards Rebecca Gittins Headteacher headteacher@welbeck.nottingham.sch.uk

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Sendt af Ülkü Kılıç

We are from Bursa , TURKEY . WE are a provincial directorate of national education in Bursa . So long as you think of writing a ka201 or ka202 project , including a provincial directorate to your project may be good for the acceptence of the project and also we are so very experienced in the management and planning of ka201 and ka2 projects. I think we have much to give to this project . I am looking for your answer soon. My e mail address is : akbabaeng@hotmail.com Best wishes

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Sendt af Urszula Kraus

Hello, We're interested in your project. We're a primary school from the south of Poland. I'm a headteacher of the school. Urszula Kraus

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Sendt af Vlogg IS

Hi from Romania, I am Liliana from Iasi, and I teach students with 6-14 years old. Last year we was involved in a etwinning project and we want to go on to Erasmus. W e also want to colaborate with you and to share our experience. If you need a partner you can take us. http://scoalastrunga.ro/ vernica.liliana@yahoo.com Best wishes, Liliana

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Dear colleague, I'm Meltem Mutlu. I'm an English teacher in Karacaoglan Primary School in Bagcilar Province Istanbul, Turkey. We are willing rto participate in an Erasmus + Project. We have experienced Comenius project in years 2011-2013. Our school is located European part of Istanbul. Bagcilar Province is one of the biggest and most crowded regions of Istanbul. Our school consists of 1600 students and 65 teachers. It is near the big city centers in European part of Istanbul. We would like to take part in your team. We are so hardworking, dynamic and experienced project team. Our headmaster is too. If you have some other questions please don't hesitate to contact to me. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.  Email: meltemboztunc@yahoo.com  Our school website: http://karacaoglani.meb.k12.tr Social Accounts of our School:  Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Karacaoglan-Ilkokulu Instagram: karacaio34

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Sendt af Serap Kuşağlı

I'm Serap Kuşağlı İKİZ. I'm a director of (Garnizon)Donanma Anaokulu which is a kindergarden in Navy Town of Gölcük, not far from İstanbul. Our students' age ranges from 3-6 years old. We're quite experienced in composing and conducting projects including EU projects. We're an e Twinning School with a Europe Quality Certficate. We also have a stem department in our school. Our school echo school certificate. We're currently conducting a K2 project named "Move, Sing and Spy Under The Same Sky". Should you look for experienced, reliable and hardworking partner please contact us from serapkusagli@hotmail.com

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Sendt af Danka Stamenova

Hello, My name is Danka Stamenova. I’m the headmistress of Arabella kindergarten. Our kindergarten is a public school, located in town Vidin, Bulgaria on Danube River. We have 220 children age 2-7, 9 classes and 26 teachers. We are working according to Step by Step methodology. We have experience in Erasmus and eTwinning projects. We would like to share and gain innovative methods and experiential education ideas, more efficient and effective work in teams to provide better services for the children. If you are still looking for a partner, we would be happy to participate in your project about nutrition and healthy eating. We are looking for project with teachers mobility only. We hope that we will hear from you soon. Thank you in advance. Contact on: dgarabella.vd@gmail.com WEB: www.arabella-kindergarten.com

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