KA 229 London School seeks French or Belgian school partner for school and teacher exchange programme (deadline 21 March)

We are a London based secondary school looking for a French or Belgian partner school within the Key Action 2 Schools Exchange Partnerships programme.
The project has an inclusion focus, aiming to improve the future opportunities of our secondary school students (aged approx 13-16 years old) through a school exchange trip to/with a French lycée. In addition, we envisage having an element of virtual communication and learning activities for students. Another part of the project is to bring together the languages teachers from both countries for a best practice exchange to explore, learn about and trial innovating language learning approaches.
The deadline is Thursday 21st March. The bid is nearly ready, so if you are interested please contact l.marple@highgatehill.cola.org.uk as soon as possible!

We are seeking a French or Belgian secondary school (students aged approximately 13-16 years old) that is interested in
1. hosting an exchange of students (possibly 30 students for 3 days, once or twice during a 2 year period)
2. (if you wish) bringing a group of French students on a London school exchange
3. Doing a separate, 2 day modern languages teachers exchange to share best practice and trialling approaches.

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02.09.2019 » 31.07.2020
City of London Academy Highgate Hill



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City of London Academy Highgate Hill
City of London Academy Highgate Hill


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