Looking for partners for a ready KA229 project

We have partners from Poland, Romania and Turkey. We are looking for two more partners for the almost ready KA229 project (only schools)

Target group: Students aged between 12-15.

The applicant school will be Özel Okutan Ortaokulu (www.okutankoleji.com) located in Tuzla, Istanbul

Please contact us via email: okutankoleji@gmail.com and send us your partner ID form with your PIC number as soon as possible.

We are planning to foster independent learning and research as well as creativity by means of media: publishing the newspapers. Students will be required to create independently and plan an issue of a newspaper, find materials for publication and then promote and disseminate it to the locals. Survey analysis, comparison of the results, the work of editing the various issues of the newspaper will require from the project team acquiring new skills, the use of new information technologies. Communication between project groups from different countries develops students' language skills, promote social and cultural integration of the students. Our students and staff will gain new insights and experiences to develop something new, acquire life skills such as collaboration, sharing knowledge and empathy required for personal development and to become an active European citizen.

Looking for partners from the countries EXCLUDING Romania, Poland and Turkey.

The partners will prepare 5 newspaper issues on 5 topics throughout the project.

LTT activties:
C1: Workshop: Editorial work and journalism - Two staff (editors) from each partner
(Short-term joint staff training event)

There will be four LTT events (Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils): C2, C3, C4 and C5 - Newspaper week: 4 students + 2 accompanying teachers from each partner school will join each LTT.

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01.10.2018 » 30.09.2020
Okutan Koleji (eTwinning-verificeret)

Istanbul, TURKIET



Sendt af Efi Doupa

Hello!! My name is Efi Doupa and I am a contact person for European programs in a Directorate of Secondary Education in Florina, Greece, which is situated in one of the most picturesque and multicultural cities of Greece. Our organization is a public body and is in charge of 26 schools of secondary education, 550 educators and 3250 pupils. Furthermore, it is responsible to co-ordinate, supplement, back up and implement the educational policies of the Ministry, along with supervising the implementation of various education projects, like European projects in schools. We have a lot of experience in the field of European programs, including Etwinning, Erasmus + Partnership and Mobility projects and Comenius and we believe that we could contribute effectively to make your project more successful and all in all, be a really helpful partner. We would be more than happy if we were given the opportunity, to contribute to a project success. My best wishes Efi Doupa

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Okutan Koleji
Okutan Koleji


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