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We are grammar school settled in the middle of beautiful countryside about two and half hour by train from Prague.
We have about 350 pupils aged 12 - 19.
We offer job shadowing opportunities for school management (our headmaster is teacher of English) as well as for teachers of geography. Lessons are taken in Czech, but teachers are able to speak English and using CLIL method quite often.
Also there is a possibility to shadow teachers of languages (English, German, Russian and French).
We will be happy to host you and help you to arrange travel and accomodation. This opportunity fits to individuals. We can not offer cooperation to agencies. What we expect is a possibility of visiting your institution.

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Please send your pif to

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Hi colleagues! I am Pilar and I work for a secundary school in Granada, Spain. I have found your offer very interesting, mainly because our students are aged the same as you, and we could share our experiences. The problem is that, at the moment, we are in the process of applying an Erasmus+ project and we are not sure about the possibility that the teachers who are going to do the mobility are teachers of geography or languages. It could be possible that teachers of other subjects could shadow at your school? We can offer shadow for your teachers as well. If you want further information, contact me at Thanks

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Hello, I am Mila, I work in a secondary school in Martos (Spain). We will be interested in Erasmus+ project with your school, we have secondary and vocational studies in our institution. If you are interested, please, contact me at Thank you very much. Mila.

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Hello I'm Josephine I teach English at school my students are 14-18. we are a group of teachers STEAM and foriegn languages that are interested in job shadowing activities. we are particularly interested in math, physics, science and CLIL metodology observation. If you are interested please contact me at: thank you in advance. Josephine

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Sendt af Andrea Fabrega

Hello. I am an English teacher and I would like to have more information about your job shadowing opportunities. Please could you write me to Regards

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Hello, I,m Salva, a physical education teacher in a Primary school for the South of Spain. We are going to apply for an Erasmus+ k1 for next course and we would like to enjoy a job shadowing in your school at your conveniences during the course 2020-21 My email is Thank you in advance for your attention Regards Salva

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Hello, my name is Eveline Chaves, I'm a teacher at a vocational school in Liezen, Austria ( As we are a business college, my colleagues and I are very interested in job shadowing at your school as well as receiving teachers for job shadowing mobilities. We are accredited in both school education and vocational education and looking forward to build a longterm partnership. Please don't hesitate to contact me under Best regards Eveline

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Hello my name is İbrahim Cakıcı from Yozgat Turkey. We are an accredited organization in both school education and vocational education. we are looking for a reliable host organization for our teachers and students. We are really interested in your offer. If you need more details please feel free to contact us:

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Hi , I am Hilal, and I am an English teacher from Turkey, Kocaeli close to İstanbul. We are a High school and our students aged between 14 - 18. we have a job shadowing program and we would like to be a host in your instution with our teachers that are good at English. If you are interested please contact us :

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Hello, we are from Aksaray, Turkey which is a small city in the very middle of Turkey close to Cappadoccia Region. As a group of 4 teachers, we are interested in job shadowing at your school if you are also interested. Here is my contact info:

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Hello, we are an accredited school (KA120 SCH 2021-2027) in Northern Italy. We would like to participate in job-shadowing activities, and we are looking for host partners. We have five main goals to achieve: to improve teaching methodologies, to learn about climate change and how to prevent it, to create an intercultural dimension collaborating with other countries, to learn about gender equality, and how to support students with special needs. We are also looking for experts about the said topics to invite to our school. If you think that our requests are suitable for you, please contact me at thanks in advance.

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