Canary Islands Looking for KA101 partners for project.

Hi everyone! I am CLIL Coordinator at a High School in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. We are looking for partner schools for an Erasmus + KA101 mobility project for school education staff ,as we'd like to do some CLIL job shadows and short teaching assignments abroad ( going to another school and being a guest teacher there for 2 or 3 weeks). Of course we are available for reciprocity ( welcome you at our school for a job shadowing or a short teaching assignment) in case you wanted to apply for funding in one of these projects. If you work at a CLIL high school ( students older than 12), you have a PIC number and you'd be interested in welcoming us as teaching guests, please contact me.

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Sendt af Johanna Sooba

Hello, Your project seems very interesting and perfectly matching my aims for Erasmus+ project. I am a young highly motivated teacher from Estonia. I work in a small (250 students) very friendly, high educational level and very innovative school. In our school there are students aged 7-13. It would be perfect for you to see new methodologies and innovative techniques. I am also looking for a host school and your school seems perfect for that. If you would be ready to let me join your school and see some of your schools lessons for 5-10 days, please let me know! And if you are interested in joining our school for the project, you are welcome! All the best, Johanna Sooba

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Sendt af Claudia Salvi

Salve, sono un'insegnante in un liceo linguistico in Italia, stiamo cercando dei partner per poter presentare un progetto basato sulla metodologia CLIL e uso delle nuove tecnologie. Abbiamo alunni di 12-19 anni. Il mio contatto è:

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Sendt af Tea Horvatić

Hello, I am KA1 coordinator and English teacher in a primary school in the north of Croatia. Each year we have projects where our staff deals with ICT in education, creativity and new teaching methods. It would be nice to host someone for teaching assignment. Our students are ages 6 to 14, so you would be able to teach the upper grades English lessons with CLIL method. We will also introduce CLIL in art and heritage extracurricular lessons from the next year, so it would be a valuable experience for us indeed to have skilled teachers teach in our school and we could learn from each other. You can see our school here: and some of our projects from previous years are on our blog: eTwinning projects where we integrate KA1 projects: I am also interested in teaching assignment or job shadowing for future cooperation. My email: Kind regards, Tea

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Sendt af Mario Muñoz

Buenas tardes mi nombre es Mario Muñoz, trabajo como coordinador en el instituto de educación no formal para adultos Borga folkakademi de Finlandia. He visto su anuncio, nosotros somos centro PIC y organizamos estancias Job shadowing en los centros de primaria y secundaria de nuestro municipio. Si desea contactar conmigo mi correo es un saludo.

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