Erasmus Accreditations: new opportunity for schools!

Image: Duy Pham /

One of the ambitions of the new Erasmus programme will be to provide widely accessible mobility opportunities to learners, educators and other staff at all levels of education. The aim is to build more inclusive, stronger and long-lasting partnerships with schools, VET providers and adult education organisations.

Organisations that want to arrange Erasmus mobility projects for their learners and staff between 2021 and 2027 are invited to participate in this new call and get ready for next year.

Being accredited brings organisations many advantages:

  • Stable funding: easily request funds for new mobility activities every year without the need to write detailed plans and activities each time;
  • An opportunity to grow and explore: organisations can try out a new type of activity or a new partner organisation without the stress of writing another full application;
  • The possibility of defining your own strategy: the accreditation system lets organisations define their own goals and gives them the freedom to choose the speed at which they want to progress;
  • Investing in the future: with stable access to funding, organisations can focus on their long-term goals and use the mobility activities to raise the quality of learning and teaching to a new level.

A call will be published every year with the evaluation and selection process managed by Erasmus National Agencies. The 2020 deadline for submissions is 29 October 2020.

Some organisations may prefer to gain initial experience with the new programme independently of the accreditation process, and it will still provide opportunities for such shorter projects.

Organisations currently holding a valid Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter can transfer their accreditation to the future programme with a lighter selection process.