School innovation in Europe: Curriculum innovation for a conductive and supporting learning environment at the President Kennedy School in Coventry

The school’s philosophy in relation to teaching and learning is focused students’ active understanding of and participation in the learning process. The school’s curriculum is based on the principles of progression and coherence.

‘The Bridge’ is one of the key innovative practices implemented at the school. It consists of a curriculum innovation established to provide a conducive and supportive learning environment for students entering secondary education at age 11. Learning is project-based and delivered by teams of teachers from different areas of the curriculum, which enables students to engage with a small number of teachers, and to work on clearly defined and cohesive learning objectives. The five principles underpinning the Bridge are: Achievement; Belonging; Celebration; Discipline; Enrichment. The students are empowered as independent learners – throughout their time at the school – and beyond. A rewards system enables students to earn points towards prizes at the end of the year.

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