Learning hub at the TGM (Technologisches Gewerbemuseum)

The learning hub was implemented at the TGM (an upper-level secondary technical college) as a school experiment in the school year 2016/17. It has been implemented in the school’s Information Technology (IT) Department in two of the four classes in the first year (i.e. grade 9).

In the learning hub students study self-regulated 20 hours per week. Of these 20 hours, 9 hours relate to general education subjects (German, English and Mathematics) and 11 hours involve vocational education subjects (Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, Media Technology, Network Technology). The other 6 school subjects (Geography, History and Political Education, Natural Sciences, Religion, Sports, Computer Workshop), which encompass 13 hours per week, are still taught by using traditional methods of teaching.

Self-regulated learning takes place in four specially equipped rooms. In each of these classrooms there are 16 students on average, which are supported by one teacher, if questions arise. During the lessons in the learning hub there are no lectures from teachers. Rather the students can decide when (in which order) and how long they want to study a certain topic. Moreover, they can decide about the difficulty level of the learning content. Therefore the students orientate themselves towards a competency framework which states what competences are needed for a specific qualification level, i.e. basic knowledge or extended knowledge. Learning contents are prepared by teachers in electronic form or hard copy, referring to additional information sources (websites, books etc.). If students want to complete a module, they have to make an appointment with their teacher for an examination. In addition to this examinations there are standardised tests which allow the comparison of the academic performance of the students attending the learning hub compared to the students attending parallel classes with traditional teaching methods.

Additionally, students receive 2 hours per week of individual learning counselling. This means, that each student is assigned to one teacher who provides individual support, in terms of setting learning goals and how to achieve them. Another important instrument is the so-called logbook (a learning diary) which contains a weekly schedule and in which the students document their goals, their learning progress and the contents that have been discussed in the coaching sessions. This logbook aims at informing students, teachers and parents about the planned steps and the learning progress.


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