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AFYA stands for ‘Health & Wellbeing’ in Arabic and Swahili. The project aims to promote the holistic health of people with refugee and migration experiences and work responsibly and confidentially with sensitive topics related to trauma and mental health.

The AFYA team are composed of health professionals with experience in refugee welfare and support. The project runs various projects for children and young people such as “Strengthening Forces – Coping with Trauma” which is an 8 week in school programme that helps refugee children and teens gain control over stress.

The groups are led by trained, native-speaking trainers.

AFYA’s current components include:

  • Programmes for children and young people (“Strengthening Forces”) ( It is an eight-week training programme to help children and young people gain control of their stress symptoms.
  • Health circles – (mentors lead small weekly groups, also runs online)
  • Parenting courses and trauma management
  • Programmes in mother tongue of refugees
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